It's flexible.  There are a variety of big and small ways parents can volunteer and be involved in PTA, depending on the time you have available and what your interests are.


It helps your child.  Research shows that children whose parents are involved in their school make better grades and have fewer problems at school.  When parents are plugged in at school, children do better.

You'll make a difference.  By volunteering with PTA, you'll be using your time and talent to help create the most educational environment possible for our children.  And, you'll be a role model to your children by showing them that not only are they important to you, but their education is as well.

You'll help raise necessary funds.  The PTA fundraises to provide more educational services for children.  Fundraisers remain important to enhancing the quality of the school overall, and volunteers make them possible.

It's fun!  There are many opportunities to help plan fun events, be creative, and make new friends.  You'll also get to know our amazing teachers and administrators on a more familiar basis.

Complete the FISD background check, required of all volunteers every school year.