If you are a Kroger Rewards member, please register your card at and earn cash for Ashley every time you shop!  You will still get your gas rewards! Not a member yet?  It's easy to sign up!  

1.  Visit

2.  Locate your state and click "Enroll Now"

3.  Sign in to your on-line account, or create a new account

4.  Find and select your organization, "Ashley Elementary PTA", and "Save"

When you shop Amazon, be sure to to shop at to support Ashley Elementary.

It's still the same Amazon you know ... same products, same prices, same service, with Ashley earning a percentage of your purchase with just a "smile".

Clip and save from many of the products you already purchase!

We will have 2 Box Tops drives - one in fall and one in spring.  Classes compete, and the one with the most box tops wins a surprise.

So keep clipping and saving ... more info will be coming this fall!